Lovat Energy Savers Limited has now closed for business for the foreseeable future .

You can still get online quotes and if you need help then call 0208 123 1473

You just need your post code and annual consumption to get the process started. Your annual consumption should be on your latest bill or will be available of your online account. This process will take no more that 5 minutes of your time.

The  past  months  has  been  a  tumultuous  time  in  the  UK’s  energy  market. Prices  have  spiked  numerous  times  and  suppliers  have  been  pulling pricing  constantly.  The  difficulty  for  brokers  lies  in  the  fact  we  are  now trying  to  sell  contracts  where  rates  are  at  least  30%  higher  than customers  signed  on  their  previous  contract.  The  consensus  is  that  the market  volatility  will  probably  last  for  another  2-3  months  at  least. Once  winter  natural  gas  storage  levels  have  stabilised,  we  should hopefully  see  prices  begin  to  stabilise. If you are a residential customer then stick with you current supplier and get a quote after 1st April 2022